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De la création d'une stratégie d'automatisation des processus à la constitution d'une équipe hautement performante, et tout le reste. Diriger une organisation, quelle que soit sa taille, comporte des défis communs intemporels.

Sep 2020

"The world is overflowing with management advice. Every year, over 10,000 business books are published—and that’s before you add in the hundreds of thousands of articles, blogs, and video lectures that are produced. Leaders can’t possibly digest it all, and writers increasingly sensationalize and spin their ideas to be noticed. The results? An often contradictory cacophony of buzzwords and frameworks that focus leaders’ time on “what’s new” too often at the expense of “what’s true. A world where, quite simply, the field of management thinking is losing the plot."- McKinsey & Company partners said.

Today, the fast-changing economy is requiring SMEs to perform even better than before, to adapt and transform to the digital world as a requirement to exist.

All those issues encounter in big corporates are the same issues we observe in SMEs.

At Jerez & Co., we built our experience on corporates. Today, we serve SMEs in our communities. 

Montreal SMEs: Need A CHANGE NOW?

June 2020

Montreal SMEs: Need A CHANGE NOW?

May 2020

The municipal government says: 

"Due to COVID-19 and its strong impact on businesses, the city is offering emergency financial support and is taking measures to help businesses deal with the challenges they face in this unprecedented situation."

You can read about the measures here:

And let us know what transformation we can help you achieve!

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